How to Import Reviews from Amazon?

Step-1: Go to Admin Panel --> Apps --> Rivyo Product Review & Q/A.

Step 2: After going into the application, Go to the Go to the Import & Export Review --> Import Amazon Review. 

Step 3: Add Chrome Extension by clicking on the Install Chrome Extension button. 

Step 4: Open it and enter Store Domain ( Extension Activation Key. (you will get step 2 as per given above image). Click on ACTIVATE EXTENSION and you will get a successful message of activation. 

Step 5:  Open the product page of Amazon from which you want to import reviews and open the Rivyo App Extension again. (it will allow you to import if the amazon product page is opened so keep open that page as per the given below image and then open Rivyo extension). Enter the product name, select reviews from the dropdown (10,20,50,100), select filters (All, 5 stars,4 stars,3 stars), and Click on IMPORT REVIEW.

  • If you are getting issue for finding product in extension then you can use the Product ID to find product easily. You will get product ID of the product here:-

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