How to Create a Smart URL Bundle?

What is a Quick Order? 🤔

A Quick Order is a streamlined and efficient process for customers to swiftly and easily place an order for products or services. This feature is designed to expedite the purchasing experience, especially for customers who are familiar with the specific items they want to buy and prefer a faster checkout process.

Key Features:

  • Initiate sales quickly and efficiently with just one click.
  • Establish a dedicated page for swift and easy order placement.
  • Include Product Variants within the Quick Order
  • Provide Percentage Discount.
  • Effortlessly Enable or Disable Quick Order at Any Time.

How to Create a Smart URL Bundle? 🥼+👖+🧥+👟+🧦

To create an Smart URL Bundle, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Offers and click on "Create New Offers."

Step 2: Choose "Other offers" and then select "Smart URL".

Step 3: Add an Internal Name, Button Text, and Short Description.

Step 4: Click on Add Product and select the products that you want to include in the bundle.

Step 5: Add a Discount.

Please Note: Here only the percent type discount option is available.

Step 6: You will be able to check preview on the right side.

Step 7: You can show the Smart URL bundle anywhere on your website using this shortcode.

The bundle will look like below example:-

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