How to Create a Quantity/Volume Discount Bundle?

What is Quantity/Volume Discount Bundle? 🤔

A quantity/volume discount bundle is a type of product bundle that offers discounts based on the quantity or volume of items purchased. In this bundle, customers receive reduced prices or additional benefits when they buy a larger quantity of a particular product or a combination of related products. The goal is to incentivize customers to buy in bulk, rewarding them with cost savings as they increase the quantity of items in their purchase.

Key Features:

  • Allow Quick Purchases with One Click on Product Pages.
  • Create Unlimited Quantity-Based Bundles.
  • Add Product Variants to Quantity Discount Bundles.
  • Provide Discounts in Percentages or Fixed Amounts.
  • Select Between Two Layout Options for Quantity-Based Bundles.
  • Prioritize the Display Order of Volume Discount Bundles.
  • Enable/Disable Quantity Bundles as Needed.

How to Create a Quantity/Volume Discount Bundle? 👕x2 or 👕x4 or 👕x6

Follow these steps to create a Quantity/Volume Discount Bundle:

Step 1: Navigate to Offers and click on "Create New Offers."

Step 2: Choose "Product offers" and then select "Volume/Quantity Discount".

Step 3: Enter the offer title.

Step 4: Click on Add Product and select the products that you want to include in the quantity/volume discount bundle.

Please Note: The maximum number of products allowed is 250.

Step 5: For setting up discount enter the minimum quantity, button text, and the discount value. (For example, we have set a percentage discount and offer we have set is Buy 2 Get 5% Off or Buy 3 Get 10% Off or Buy 4 Get 15% Off)

[Please Note: Enable checkbox of "Discount Badge" and add “Tag Text” to the option that you want to show as most popular. Click on the Add Quantity Discount button to add more volume discount offer options.]

Step 6: Choose a design template for your bundle.

Please Note: The bundle will be visible as per the selected template.

Step 7: Click on Additional Settings. Here you can set bundle priority, change bundle button text, add start date and end date, and short description. Then click on “Save”.

Step 8: You will be able to check preview on the right side.

Step 9: Click on the eye preview button to view and assess the live bundle.

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