How to Setup Combo Bundle?

Note:- When you are creating a Combo Bundle in our app so it creates a product in Shopify and the bundle widget will show on the created product page. When any customer will open combo bundle product page URL so first theme's default add-to-cart button will show and then it disappears once page fully load & our bundle widget with its own add-to-cart button will appear. Sometime customer are ordering the bundle before the page load fully using Theme's add to cart button so product lists of bundle does not pass to the cart/order page. So that for hiding the theme's default add to cart button completely, you need to add the below condition on the product template.)

If you are showing the Default add to cart button of theme on the product of collection or homepage so you need to add the same condition for homepage & collection page both.

To set up the combo bundle in your store, you need to follow the below steps:- 

Point 1. You need to put the Default Add to Cart form of the theme (Product page) within the below condition. Please check the below screenshot for reference.

{% unless product.tags contains 'wc_combo_bundle_cta' %}

{% endunless %}

Point 2. Once you add the condition to hide the add to cart button, now you need to create a custom class and assign the same in our app's combo bundle class. You can directly use the below custom class and add the same in our app.

<div class="bundle_wc"></div>

Go to Settings --> General--> Open Styling.

The product lists of bundles will be shown below on the product page:- 

If you are unable to set up the combo bundle then feel free to contact our support team (, we are happy to integrate our app properly into your store.

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