Offer Settings

Follow these steps to do Bundle Settings:

1) Go to Settings > Click on General

2) Click on Offer and select your preferred variant display type.

Please Note: Here you have two options to choose from “Drop Down or Button”

3) Click on Enable to show bundle on product detail page without product page shortcode.

Please Note: This option only works for Product Bundle, Quantity Bundle, and Combo Bundle.

4) Choose the preferred page to redirect the user after they click on the Add to Cart button.

Please note: Here you have three options to choose from Cart, Checkout, and Callback.

1. The call-back function is available for all types of bundles except the build box bundles.

2. The Cart option will work for all types of bundles except the Multiple SKU Build box bundles.

3. The checkout option will work for all types of bundles except the Build box bundle.

5) Load More All Bundles Page

If you choose Button:  In all bundle pages, a load more button will appear, and when the customer clicks on the button then all other bundles will display.

If you choose Scroll: Here when a customer scrolls the page the bundle will appear automatically with scroll.

6) Click on Enable to display more bundles on the product details page and set the number of display bundle limits per page.

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