How to Create a Single SKU Bundle with a Single Section?

What is a Single SKU Bundle with a Single Section? 🤔

A Single SKU Bundle with a Single Section refers to a product bundle that includes only one type of item (Single SKU) and is organized within a single category or section. In this bundle type, customers receive a combination of the same product or variant, offering a straightforward and streamlined package.

Key Features:

  • Include an Image Displaying All Bundle Products.
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Product Limits.
  • Set a Fixed or Base Price for the Product Build Box.
  • Specify the Number of Products to be displayed in a Row.
  • Offer Percentage, Fixed, and Tiered Discounts to Choose From.
  • Allow Setting Product Weight.
  • Provide an Option to Set Shipping Preferences.
  • Activate or Deactivate it at Any Time.

How to Create a Single SKU Bundle with a Single Section?

Follow these steps to create a Single SKU Bundle with a Single Section:

Step 1: Navigate to Offers and click on "Create New Offers."

Step 2: Choose "Other offers" and then select "Build a Box (Mix and Match)".

Step 3: Enter the offer title.

Step 4: Select Offer Type and Offer Structure

Please Note:

  • Offer Type has two options to choose from “Single SKU Bundle and Multiple SKU Bundle”.
  • Offer Structure has two options to choose from “Single Section and Multiple Sections”.

Step 5: Add products to your build box bundle. Set minimum and maximum product limits. Add box fixed limit message.

Set the number of products that will be shown in a single row.

Step 6: Set build box pricing as Fixed Price or Use Base Price. You can activate tax on the build box products with a checkmark on the Charge tax on this product option.

Please Note: You can set your pricing in two ways based on your requirements. (It determines whether you want the bundle price to increase as more products are added OR set it as a fixed price.)

  • Use Fixed Price: You can set a fixed price for your bundle box.
  • Use Base Price: You can set the base price of your bundle box.

Step 7: To set a discount to build a box, the available options are a fixed price discount, a percentage discount, or a tiered discount.

Please Note: Flat discount has two options to choose from “Percent or Fixed” discount. Tiered discount has two different discount trigger options: "Discount at Price and Discount at Quantity”. You can also set the price after which you want to trigger the discount.

Set "Tiered Discount" Option

  • Discount at price: You can set a box discount based on your price.
  • Discount at Quantity: You can set a discount on the quantity base.

Set "Discount after this quantity or price" for trigging your discount after that quantity and price.

  • Add Box Discount price that you can add as a fixed or percent based.

Step 8: Set Bundle Weight and Indicate Whether Shipping is Needed for the Products in Build a Box or not.

Please Note: Add bundle weight and unit for the whole build-a-box. Checkmark this option “This product requires shipping” if the product requires shipping.

Step 9: Click on Additional Settings. Here you can set button text, grid add label, grid added label, and short description. Then click on “Save”.

Step 10: Add Bundle Image.

Please Note: Bundle image will be used for the combined products that are generated when customers add products to the cart.

Step 11: You can show the bundle anywhere on your website using this shortcode.

Display the build box anywhere in your store. Just copy the div & paste it into a template where you wish to display build box bundles. Add below highlighted code in any page to display build box by inserting the string below using the HTML editor button on any Page.

<div class="wc_pb_bb_section_id" data-bbid="NHlmNnR3QWJ6OHFvWHhOZWhLaUF1dz09"></div>

Please Note: Single SKU Build Box appears as a single product (with a single SKU) in the cart, Orders section, and Order emails. Each bundle item is listed as line item properties.

Single SKU Build-a-Box Limitations

  • It has a unique SKU for its bundle item.
  • If you are using any 3rd party apps to fulfill your orders, then this feature will not work.
  • It does not track the inventory so you need to manage the stock manually.

Step 12: Evaluate how the Single SKU Section build box bundle appears on the website by clicking on eye preview button.

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