Cart Drawer Settings

It is used to display the offer discount on cart drawer.

1. Go to the Setting >> Cart Drawer.

2. You need to enable the Checkbox of "Enable Cart Drawer" and fill in all the classes in each one and click on the "Save" button. So the discount will start to apply properly to the Cart Drawer.

We have shared the screenshot of how you can find the class for each field. (Class for each theme will be different.) You need to add the class for each field with its main class.

3. cart.item class:-Here you need to add a separate product item class like the below screenshot.

4. Class :- Here you need to add the class below which you want to show the discount message. (i.e. If you want to show a offer message below the product title so you need to add a product name class like the below screenshot.)

5. item.price Class :-Here you need to add the single product price class.

6. item.line_price Class :- Here you need to add individual product total price class.

7. cart.total_price Class :- Here you need to add the total price class.

8. Checkout button class:-  Here you need to add the checkout button class.

9. Cart Apply Offer Button Class Here you need to add the apply offer button class.

If you are facing any issue for putting the class in the app backend then feel free to contact our support team at so they will help you to integrate it perfectly to your store.

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