How to create Volume Discount offer for Specific Product?

Volume Discount offer works like, Provide a discount in 3 separate ways. % discount - fixed $ off - sell products for a fixed discounted price.

- You can display a discount table on the product page and the offer will be applied on the cart page.


  • Buy 3 - get 10% Off | Buy 5 - get 15% Off on Each
  • Get $5 Off on each item if Qty > 4

Please follow the below steps to create an offer,

  • Go to Apps--> Dashboards --> Create Offer

  • Select Product Discount and click on Create Offer.

  • Click on "Select Product"button to add product for which you want to create offer.
  • Add quantity and discount in the given box. If you want to create multiple quantities then click on Add another tier so that you can add other quantities with different discounts.

  • Click on the  Additional Setting and Write an offer message and success message with using the given below variables.
  • You have options like set offer start time and end time. You can set up it as per your need or you can also skip it.
  • Do not forget to click on the  Save button to save the data.

  • In your store, this offer will display as per the given image on the product page.

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