How to create Spend Amount-Get Discount offer?

Spend Amount-Get Discount offer works like When any customer is spending, a higher amount only on the same product than it's the time to make them feel special.

- You will see the notification on the product page and the offer will be applied on the cart page.


  • Spend over $20 on the Coats and get 20% off on each

Please follow the below steps to create an offer,

  • Go to Apps--> Dashboards --> Create Offer

  • Select Spend Amount-Get Discount and click on Create Offer.

  • Add  Internal name (Only the store owner will able to see this name on app backend.)

  • Add minimum spend amount and discount.

You can add multiple tiers also, i.e. Spend 300 and get 5% off and Spend 500 and get 10% off.

  • Click on the Entire store if you want to apply this offer for entire store products.

  • Else you can select specific products/collections by clicking on Select products/collections to apply offer.

  • Click on the  Additional Setting and Write an offer message, Success message using the given below variables.

  • You have options like 1.set offer start time and end time, 2. Only show offer for logged in customer, 3. Select customer group.

  • Do not forget to click on the  Save button to save the data.

  • In your store, this offer will display as per the given image on the product page.

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