How to create Discount Code Pattern Discount?

If you want to display the percentage discount and fixed amount off like a pattern within discount code then you can use this feature to create a pattern disocunt in our app.

Follow the below steps to create Pattern Discount:-

  1. Open the app >> Go to Product Discount  >> Click on the "Create Product Discount" button.

  1. Click on the Discount Code Pattern Discount.

  1. Add a name for the discount, it will only display to the admin to identify the specific discount.

  1. Select the discount method and choose a Discount code pattern discount in the campaign.

  1. Select discount type and add pattern discount code as per your need.
  • Fixed Discount:- Fixed discount pattern (# = will always be a number FD### = ABCFD075EF for $75 total discount)
  • Percentage Discount:- Percentage discount pattern (# = will always be a number PD## = PD10ABCDE for 10% discount)
  • Here the discount which you want to set, you need to add it in discount code directly like a pattern.
  • Example:- You want to create 10% discount for black friday then you can set discount code BF10OFFER.

  1. Create & set condition based on which discount apply.
  • All Below:- If you set multiple conditions then discount will only apply when all condition criteria will match in checkout.
  • Any Below:-The discount will apply when any one of the conditions will match from among all.

  1. Click on Additional Settings and enable the option as per your requirement that you want to consider for a discount and save it.

if you get any issue there then feel free to contact our support team at, we are happy to help you.

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