How to create custom content block?

(Note:- The Functionality will work only with the Shopify Plus store.)

You can display custom content & any message directly on checkout page using this "Custom Content" option. It will work like below screenshot.

Follow the below steps to create a Custom Content block:-

  1. Open the app >> Go to Checkout Elements >> Click on the "Create Block" button.

  1. Click on the Continue button in the Custom Content.

  1. Add a name for the block, it will only display to the admin to identify the specific block.

  1. Block Visibility:- When you have created multiple custom content blocks and you want to decide which one you will display first and you want to adjust the position of each block then you can use the block visibility feature. Here you need to select any number and the number you will select here, you need to choose the same number when you set the block in the checkout editor.

  1. Select the Rule:- You can display the block to specific users based on condition OR all users.

If you select "Only show when.." then you need to create a condition as per your requirement.

All Below:- If you set multiple conditions then the block will only display when all condition criteria will match in checkout.

Any Below:- The block will display when any one of the conditions will match from among all.

  1. Now you need to add the custom content, i.e. texts, images, heading, and benefits as per your requirement and customize the look.

How to enable custom content block in the checkout page?

  1. Go to the Shopify Setting >> Checkout >> click on the "Go to Checkout Editor" button.

  1. Click on Add app block from botton left corner and add "Custom Content" block and save it.

  1. Now customize the block design and save it so it will start to display on live store checkout page.

if you get any issue there then feel free to contact our support team at, we are happy to help you.

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