How to set back in stock button & Email?

If you want to set up the button of "Notify Me" for reminding customers when a product is back in the stock then you need to do two things only:-

  1. Go to Back In Stock >> Back In Stock Design >> Enable Customized Button.

(Note:- The enable/disable option of customize button is different for the product page, collection page and homepage. So you need to switch to a particular tab to display the button on a specific page.)

2. You need to enable the Email Notification feature from Back In Stock >> Back in Stock Email >> Enable button.

(If you want to customize the email template then you need to click on "Edit" button and customize the template as per your need.)

  1. Now you need to integrate the below code at the place where you want to display the "Notify Button". You can display it at product page, collection page and homepage.

<div class="wc_wl_bis_btn" data-product_id="{{ }}" data-variant_id="{{ }}"></div>

If you get any queries there t then feel free to contact our support team at so they are happy to help you.

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