How to set Back in Stock Button & Email Notifications?

If you want to set up the button "Notify Me" to remind customers when a product is back in stock then you need to follow the below steps:-

  1. Go to Back In Stock >> Back In Stock Design.

(Note:- The enable/disable option of the customize button is different for the Product Page, Collection Page and Homepage. So you need to switch to a particular tab to display the button on a specific page.)

Once Enabled then you need to add the below code where you want to display the Notify Me button for out-of-stock products in your store.

Product Page-   <div class="th_prd_wl_btn" data-product_id="{{}}" data-variant_id="{{}}"></div>

Collection Page-  <div class="wc_wl_bis_btn" data-product_id="{{ }}" data-variant_id="{{ }}"></div>

2. You can enable the Email Notification feature from Back In Stock >> Back in Stock Email

  • With our app, you can also send the Thank You mail to the customer to Subscribing the Product with the Notify Me button in your store.
  • You can also enable the Thank You Notification from Back In Stock >> Back in Stock Email >> Thank You Notification

If you get any queries there t then feel free to contact our support team at so they are happy to help you.

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