Import/Export Wishlist User data

If you were using any other app previously and you do not want to miss your previous app wishlist user data so that you can export the all Wishlist User data from the old app and import them into our app by following the below steps:-

  • Go to Wishlist Items >> You will find the option of Import and Export tab at the top right corner.

  • For importing the data, click on Import Tab so one popup will appear and there will be a sample CSV. you need to download the sample CSV by clicking on blue link and transfer all the data in our app's CSV format and upload the file and click on the "Import" button.

  • For exporting the data, you need to click on the "Export" tab and the file will get downloaded automatically within a few seconds.

If you get any queries & issues with Import/Export then feel free to contact our support team at so they are happy to help you.

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