How to hide a payment method?

Follow these simple steps to hide the payment method in your Shopify store.

  1. Click on Payment Customization.
  2. Then click on Create Payment Customizations.

  1. Choose Delete If from the Shopify script method

  1. Give payment customization title

Note: This title will not be displayed to customers.

  1. Enter payment method

Note: You must enter the same name of the payment method that you specified in the store's settings. Multiple payment methods can be added.

  1. Add customization rules with conditions

Note: Select rule type based on cart details, cart has any items, address, customer, and delivery with conditions such as contains & does not contains, Greater than or equals & less than or equals, etc. A condition can be set only once, and it will only be activated if all the rules are fulfilled.

When you have finished configuring the customization, press the "Create" button.

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