How to create Popup Bundle?

[Note:- You can create popup bundle only with "Product Bundle" type.]

- To create a  Popup Bundle first, you need to go to the  Bundle section >> click on Create Bundle.

- After that, you need to select the "Product Bundle" from the select type bundle.

- Add the Bundle Name & Bundle widget title & select "Popup" in Bundle type.

- You can show the popup bundle at different places of your store. i.e. Homepage/ Collection Page (All collection OR Any one specific collection) / Product Page / Cart Page / Specific Page / Blog Page.

- Once you will select the page where you want to display the popup then you need to set the time after which you want to show the popup to your customer.

Select the product which you want to add to the bundle by clicking on "Add Product".

- Set the discount :- 1) Fixed Discount 2) Percentage Discount

Select the Bundle design from the available layouts.

- Click on the"Additional Settings" and If you want to set priority to the bundle so you can set it from "Bundle Priority". Fill in all the bundle information & click on the Save button.

- You will be able to check the preview of the bundle on the right side.

You will see the Product bundle on the select page as a popup as given below.

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