Subscriptions Management through admin

Go to the App Admin >> Subscription

Admin can see all subscription order lists with filtration of Active subscriber, Paused, Expired, cancel or Failed subscriber list and admin can configure the type of subscriber's order that is prepaid or regular. Admin needs to click on a specific subscription ID to open the order detail page.

Point 1. Skip, Pause or Cancel Subscription

Admin can Skip, Pause/Resume subscription from the top right corner.

Point 2. Change/Swap/Delete product or its variant in subscription:-

  • To change the product:- Click on the edit icon, and one popup will open, click on the "Change Product" button, select the product, change quantity & price and click on save button.

  • To add a new product:- Click on the "Add products" so one popup opens, click on "Select Product", select the product and save it.

  • To delete the product:- Click on the delete icon to delete the product.

Point 3. Set shipping price for specific subscription:-

Point 4. Change payment method for subscription:- 

When you click on the  "Change" button in the payment method, select the method and save it so one email will send to your customer to change the payment method.

Point 5. Add discount to the subscription:- 

Admin can set Discounts manually for the specific subscribers from the customer order page.

Point 6. Manage billing policy for specific subscriptions:- 

Point 7. Attempt billing manually:- 

Point 8. Change shipping address for subscription:- 

Admin can see and edit shipping information for their subscriber directly through the admin.

Point 9. Access customer portal without login:-

Use the below link to open the customer portal of a specific customer.

Point 10. Add special comments for that subscription:- 

You can add comments to specific subscriptions in Timeline.

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